Artist Statement


I grew up in Northern Virginia and Paris France and have traveled extensively throughout my life.  My love of art began at an early age in Paris with frequent trips to the Louvre.  Since then I have always found great satisfaction in creating paintings.

These experiences influence my painting choices of landscapes, portraits and figures, as well as flora and fauna that evoke memories and energize me.  The landscapes that intrigue me are not the standard views, but ones unique to each location that I believe will appeal to others as they do to me.  I also enjoy painting figures and fauna that show their character and personality in their features. I allow the atmosphere of each setting to dictate my composition and how I paint.  Each scene inspires me differently and generates a different response. 

I am drawn to scenes where the play of light and shadow in their colors illuminates the specific moment and creates a special beauty and interest.  This often comes for me when there is a strong contrast of shadow and bright, such as natural light at the end of  a tunnel, or sunlight striking one side of a person.   I enjoy scenes where man-made structures add their own beauty and enhance our appreciation for the beauty of the natural world that surrounds them.   Structures that show their age and imperfections frequently inspire my compositions.  This applies to my portraits as well where personality and character are often enhanced and revealed with age. I seek out subjects that are new to me to paint to keep my paintings fresh and different.

My paintings have a painterly style, with a delicate touch, sometimes with muted tones, other times much more vibrant, and usually with a calm and pleasing mood.